Corporate Profile

Transvahan Technologies is a growing organisation manufacturing Automotive Components, Vehicle Body Building, Hydraulic Winch Systems,providing Sales, Marketing, Business support, Training and Project Consulting Services related to Automotive, Cleantech and Aerospace sector. The entire business approach is based on the core value systems of advanced technology and innovative solutions.

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals from Automotive Industry having worked for more than 33 years with leading commercial vehicles manufacturers including Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors and Volvo.

We offer unique solutions related to Automotive, Aerospace, Cleantech Industries and Transport Sector based on cutting-edge Technology and Innovative Solutions.

Automotive Component Manufacturing
We have established modern manufacturing facility at Nelamangala, Bangalore. Today, we are manufacturing and assembling special equipment for leading Swedish Company. We have been manufacturing sub-assemblies which are fabricated and assembled with MIG welding process. Also, we have been making specialised Superstructure for electric vehicles with in house TIG welding process.

We have developed a very strong team of trained Manpower resources to meet superior class quality requirements.

We have also set-up Quality Assurance and Metrology department to ensure that all components and assemblies are checked as per drawing on continuous basis.

Automotive Winter Testing Services in Sweden
We offer one of the unique Automotive Winter Testing Services for OEMs and other industries in India for Testing and validating automotive systems and sub-systems performance in extreme Ambient and terrain condition in Sweden. We have also completed few challenging assignments for Indian Automotive companies successfully.

Sales and Marketing
For Load handling and Self Recovery operations, we offer Hydraulic Winch Solutions from Sepson AB which is one of the largest companies in world for truck based systems. Sepson AB also manufactures and supplies winches for various other recovery requirements.

Automotive Vocational Training and Skills Development Programme
In line with our vision for sustainable mobility, we have entered into cooperation agreement with NSDC-ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council) and we have been successfully running the Vocational Training and skills programme leading to employment generation in automotive sector.

Transvahan Foundation
We are proud to commence Transvahan Foundation activities with aim towards promotion and advancement of sustainable mobility related to Transport sector and Automotive Industry, development in the field of Transport sector, Commercial Vehicles Drivers and automotive industry.

We work very closely with all the stake holders specifically related to Commercial Vehicles Drivers, Road transport sector and automotive industry in India and abroad for the purpose of sustainable mobility.

We also do research, gather data, study and do analysis of the Commercial Vehicles Drivers, road transport sector and automotive industry to gain insight into the sustainable mobility and further facilitate mobility multiplication for the society.

Business Consulting Experience
We have established excellent contacts, networking and strong relationship with Indian industries / corporate sector and other organisations including, Universities, Research and Testing centres, innovation parks etc.

From Transvahan, we have been providing seamless support and services to Invest Sweden for last 6-years and we have successfully completed various projects related to Automotive, Transportation Systems, Aerospace and Cleantech sectors.

Our team of engineers have developed deep domain knowledge about Automotive, Transportation Systems and Cleantech sectors. In addition, we also have good networking and relationship with customers at different levels within major sectors in India. We have also been working very closely with senior management and leadership team of different Companies and industry stake holders in India.

We have also organised large number of delegation visits from both Sweden and India to facilitate strategic cooperation and investment plans. We also arranged series of meetings and networked at highest levels with Indian corporate sectors to drive strategic discussions and move forward with cooperation.